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Residential Locksmith Services

  • Locks Serviced/Installed/Rekeyed
  • Restricted Key Systems
  • Combination Locksets
  • Remote Opening Systems
  • Bedroom Door Lockout
  • Door Closers/Panic Hardware
  • Master Key systems/ElectricLocks

Commercial Locksmith Services

We sell, install, repair and replace most brands of commercial door locks, lock cylinders, master keys, and more.

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Licensed and bonded, all work guaranteed. Security is our top priority.

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Another D.Cerda success story

It was a clear, sunny day when you stepped out of your home to grab the newspaper from the driveway. You never dreamed you’d need to call a Palm Bay locksmith that lazy and blissful morning.

Back in your home, Warren, your lovable 80 pound golden Labrador retriever sits patiently by the door. He is being remarkably well-behaved, just waiting for you, and not running out to the street.

You think to yourself, “Wow. I guess all of the obedience classes are finally paying off.” As you complete that thought, Warren decides to wander back into the home and slump against the back of the front door. You see it closing, but cannot reach the porch quickly enough.
stainless steel door lever with locks
The door thumps shut, and at just that moment you realize that you are locked out and Warren is locked in. Neither is good and you need a locksmith, and poste haste.

Fortunately you slipped your mobile phone into your robe pocket earlier, because you are never without the handy little device. You pull up the Palm Bay locksmith page and call D. Cerda Locksmith. They offer emergency service for residential lock-outs…just what you need.

With a quick call D. Cerda Locksmith asks a few questions about your situation and quoted a price to rescue you over the phone, all the while assuring you that there will be no damage to the lock system that is on the front door. The damage that Warren can inflict while inside, and unsupervised, is another story, but your Palm Bay locksmith is en route so your mind is at ease about that.

D. Cerda Locksmith rolls up and shares a few words of concern, but then immediately sets to work. In no time, the locksmith has the door open and is patting Warren on the head and rubbing his big soft head.

Now Warren is in love with your new Palm Bay locksmith and you have found a service provider for life. You save D. Cerda Locksmith in your mobile phone under Palm Bay locksmith. You hope you won’t need to call for a Palm Bay locksmith too often, but when you do, no matter where in the city you are, you know that this Palm Bay locksmith is your savior.

Serving all of Palm Bay Florida

Sleep well with secure locks.

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