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Whether you are in need of a new lock for a single door, or for a house full of doors, knowing the various types of locks that are available and their suggested placement is essential.

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Types of door knobs and locks

Here are the two main types of locks that are available, and the highlights of their features. As an experienced Oviedo locksmith, D. Cerda is familiar with all varieties of locks for your situations.

The most common lock is the doorknob lock. These types have the lock mechanism within the doorknob, and doorknobs on both sides of the lock. They can be obtained in either a single or double cylinder, which will determine whether the door can lock from either side, or just one.

D. Cerda Locksmith, an Oviedo locksmith, can install any sort of lock on practically any door. Doorknob locks can be used on interior doors such as bedroom and bathroom doors, and also on exterior doors when paired with a deadbolt for proper security.

Handle-set locks offer a decorative handle on the exterior side and a twist knob or a keyed opening feature on the interior side of the door. Handle-sets have a deadbolt, not a spring bolt for more strength and security. While they provide the same function as a doorknob lock, they offer an attractive handle and decorative plates to add design elements and style to the entrance of a home or business.

Your Oviedo locksmith can also provide and install hand-lever locks. These locks have a lever handle, sometimes designed a little French flair, or with a more modern profile, and these essentially straight levers can make it much easier to open the door. Often utilized for aging-in-place, these handles do not require a gripping motion or any real strength. In fact, an agile person could open one with an elbow or foot if need be. They are so easy to use, that even pets can open them, so bear that in mind if you have a smart dog that can jump, or a cat that refuses to be contained. They are commonly used in interior doors but can be used externally if a deadbolt is added.
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