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Most frequent questions and answers

Why Aren't the Rates Posted On The Website?
We can’t display our fees on our site because each is unique. Of course there are some similarities from job to job, but we prefer to analyze each job over a quick phone call so we can set your expectations properly. The last thing we want to do is disappoint a client.
How Accurate Are Your Quotes Over The Phone?
Diagnosing exactly the work that will be required over the phone is effective but not 100% accurate. We get very close to estimating the cost, but there are often unknown or hidden factors even if you answer all our questions properly. We do our best to make sure costs are always inline with industry standards for either residential or commercial applications.
What Is A Bump Proof Lock?
Bump proof locks offer additional security for homes or businesses. These locks are less likely to be broken by a thief who has access to bump-keys which open most locks with a only a little bit of effort. Bump proof locks are a great solution to keeping your home or business more secure than the average lock.
I Lost My House Keys. Will There Be Damage To The Lock Or Door In Order To Get In?
We have the ability to unlock nearly any type of lock without damaging the lock or door. It is rare that we ever need to drill out the existing lock and replace it with a new one in. If we do ever need to drill out a lock, the door and door handle will be undamaged.
What Does Re-Key Mean?
Re-key is an inexpensive and simple alternative to replacing your lock and hardware. Pins in the lock are modified so that current keys no longer work, then we issue new keys to match the new pins. This is typically something people often do when moving into a new home, when a tenant moves out, if someone has lost their key, if keys have been stolen, or if there is any reason that someone undesirable may have a key to your home or office.
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