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As a fully bonded and licensed firm, D. Cerda locksmith offers any service that you may require as your Casselberry locksmith. They are available at any time to solve any lock related issues. Whether you are locked out of your home or apartment, or installing new locks, they are the stellar team you can count on.

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Electronic locks

Residential and Commercial

Electronic locks are becoming more and more common recently as technology advances to improve our daily lives. The most unique benefit of electronic locks is that they are essentially “keyless.” Many have a dial keypad, or use a card to open them, and most have a combination system so a key can be used if needed.

They are excellent when installed in an area that requires security and that many people need to access. The convenience of entering a simple code is remarkably liberating. They work well on community laundry rooms, semi-public restrooms, office supply rooms, hospital restricted areas…anywhere multiple users exist and yet security is required.

D. Cerda is a Casselberry locksmith familiar with the many varieties of electronic locks that are available. Most electronic locks operate on very long lasting batteries that are quite easy to change when needed. It is an easy DIY task, or a service that can be arranged.

Some electronic locks even allow users to remotely open the lock using a smart phone or a computer. This can be especially convenient if you are away and need to open an area for guests or visitors. While it feels rather “Star Trek” to be able to have these devices operate on command, it is becoming quite popular.

Smart locks can be a part of a whole house system of video and audio monitoring as well. This can allow you to know what is going on at your home or business from any place in the world. Very Star Trek-ky, right?

Finding a Casselberry locksmith who is an expert on electronic locks does not require a ride on a starship. D. Cerda Locksmith is on call for you 24 hours per day and 7 days a week in this galaxy. Captain James T. Kirk had a capable crew to run his ship and you have your own capable crew in D. Cerda Locksmith, and they are just a telephone call away.

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