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Are Your Locks Secure?

How secure is too secure? This is a question that should never be asked because in this day and age you should never second guess your security. As a locksmith that has been in the industry for more than 10 years i can say that security continues to evolve as criminals also continue to learn more ways to compromise your security. I strongly recommend to continue to upgrade and maintain your home and business locks. Many times we don’t realize how old our locksets are and how many times a day we use them. Just how a car needs maintenance every few months when it comes to oil changes and break fluid change, as owners of cars we make sure our cars are serviced to insure we don’t get left out on the side of the road, like our cars, we use our locks every day but most home and business owner can’t remmember ever doing regular maintenance on their locksets. Often times home and business owners don’t realize there is a problem until it is too late. A faulty lockset can be a major security problem, from getting jammed, to keys getting stuck inside the lock, all kinds of problems can arise. Criminals can also take advantage of these problems. Did you know that by not regularly lubricating your lock cylinders it can make it easy for a burglar to pick open your lockset? Preventative maintenance is key to maintaining a high level of security for your home and business. Making sure your locks are lubricated and aligned properly against the door jam are a few ways to make sure that your security does not get compromised. At times the best solution is to replace your locks all together. All new name brand locks are alot more secure then locks that have been on your door 25 years. Most locks today offer much better security options than even locks made 3 years ago. Locks such as Schlage and Kwikset have upgraded their products due to the changing times we are in. Today we see more pick resistant and drill proof locks than in the past and alot more restricted key system locks. At times there are so many options that in can become confusing and overwhelming to know which is the best option for your particular situation. When it comes to knowing which is the right choice, here at D. Cerda locksmith, we have the experience to help you make the right decision for your home and business security. Call us and find out why we are the best locksmith near you.

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